Mistress Manouk | Mistress Manouk
BDSM Mistress Netherlands Belgium London
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About me

My life has been quite controversial and I must say I’m proud of the way I’ve designed it. Kink is a big part of it, I live and breathe BDSM and express sexuality in most things I do. I am in my early thirties, highly educated and I have broad interests. I also possess a deep-rooted fascination for everything that deviates from the (sometimes dull) normal. Personally, I am far from standard; I love to take the lead in situations that are sexually charged. The confidence that engulfs me in such a situation is highy addictive.

I have some sadistic traits and it gives me a great feeling of power to humiliate a slave. Femdom is a concept that I also love to play with. In a session I’ll show you in a matter of seconds that my sexuality stands far above yours. In terms of attire I’ve developed a preference for everything that complements my femininity; especially latex reinforces my dominant feelings..


The diversity of guests and the versatility of their requests is something that never boresĀ  me. Let me know what raises your heartbeat and I will let you know what the possibilities are.

For me BDSM is the ultimate way to live in the here and now, the most ideal cooperation between body and mind. It represents creativity, empathy, spontaneity and respect. In my sessions I’m looking for an interaction, for a way to make each session unique. I will therefore seize every opportunity to respond to your performance. But it is up to me whether my reaction comes in the form of a punishment, a mindfuck or a reward.

I’m sensual but also very clear. I love to look into the eyes of my slave while he’s in agony; Either because he has just received a painful punishment or because I put him in a state of excitement and he is now totally dependent on me.

Let yourself be seduced by my dominance and beauty….