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About This Project


How long have you been working as a Mistress?
I’ve been a professional Mistress for 5 years, but I’ve been in the scene for much longer.
What’s your favorite type of play? What do you really enjoy doing?
In a session I love the interaction with my subs. I enjoy all kinds of play, from soft and seductive BDSM to strict discipline, pain games and dirty sessions. The essence is always action and reaction, I love to watch a newbie glow from excitement, and then tease him some more. Or watch somebody work hard for a little attention, only to hurt him harder and soften his pain by whispering in his ear what I’m going to do next. I’ll make him watch me, make him long for more and keep him on the edge. Those are just a few examples, my sessions are as diverse as my own imagination.
So what do I love most? Personal sessions.

What makes BDSM special for you?

BDSM is special to me because it’s a private affair. I know my sub’s dearest most kinky secrets and I’m the person they trust their submission to. The ‘normal’ rules of conduct fade and I’m in control. I take pleasure in using my slaves, manipulating them to push their limits by using what turns them on. The more I know about him, the more control I have over him. That’s why I prefer fostering authentic relationships with my submissives. 

In the sessions I love most I’ll make an imprint in his mind he never forgets. And it goes both ways, do your best to serve me, get to know me, know what I like and how you can make me feel like the only Mistress in the world and I’ll never forget you. 

How would you describe your play-style?

Read the above, it says it all.

What would you like to see in a playing partner? Which (character) characteristics do you find important?

I welcome respectful submissives, slaves, bottoms, fetishists, and novices who are well mannered and polite. I can appreciate open-mindedness, however I can also understand people who have a certain specific fantasy. I adore high rollers who are looking for an escape in daily life, but I love commitment and true subjection.

What is the most important thing for you in a session? What defines a good session for you?

Are there things you would still like to try? What is on your bucketlist?
The things I don’t often do but would love to do more, or even try for the first time are;
-kidnap scenario
-travel me to you sessions
-outdoor sessions and kinky encounters in public places.


20 November