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Let’s play…

Below you’ll find my preferences in BDSM, each aspect can be played from soft to extremely hard according to your desires. It’s my pleasure to build a session where I seduce you to obey my every demand and reach your limits. I welcome respectful submissives, slaves, bottoms, fetishists, and novices who are well mannered and polite.


If something you wish to explore is not listed, simply ask.

  • Behavioral change & obedience training
  • High protocol servitude training
  • Maid training
  • Sissy training
  • Pain Training
  • Forced bi
  • Glory Hole training
  • Bondage
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Abandonment
  • Captivity Play
  • Mummification
  • Vacuüm Bed
  • Whipping
  • Spanking and Paddling
  • Flogging
  • Caning
  • Over the knee
  • Face Slapping
  • Serve as a punching bag
  • Latex, Leather and PVC Worship
  • Foot Worship (Clean and Scented Feet)
  • Boot and High Heels Worship
  • Panty Fetish
  • Diaper Fetish
  • Anal Teasing / Arousing
  • Strap On Play
  • Fisting
  • Anal Electro
  • Enemas
  • Golden Shower
  • Sploshing
  • Sweaty feet
  • Spitting
  • Exposition towards other Mistresses
  • Public Humiliation
  • Objectification
CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Ball Busting
  • Cock and Ball Bondage
  • Ball Stretching
  • Castration Fantasies
  • Sounds/Urethral Dilation
  • Needle Play
  • Tease and Denial
  • Chastity Play and Training
  • Edging and Orgasm Control
  • Mind Fucking
  • JOI: Jerk Off Instruction
  • Key Holding
  • Bimbofication: Objectified Whore Slut Training and Use
  • Little girl training
  • Sissy Training
  • House Maid Training
  • Doctor / Nurse Role Play
  • Pet play (ponyplay / doggyplay)
  • Age Play
  • Boss/employee
  • Prison Warden/prisoner
  • School Teacher/student
  • Babysitter/naughty child
  • Interrogation and Military scenes
  • Kidnapping
  • Financial Domination/Exploitation
MÉNAGE à trois

I welcome you to book a session with me and another lady of my choice. I love to team up with another Mistress to make you feel totally powerless.

It’s also possible to book a slave girl in the session, she can receive the same kind of treatment as you to make you feel at ease or she can be used as to fulfill you’re every sexual desire as long as I decide you’ve deserved it..

You may also book a session as a couple; meaning that I play with the both of you or team up with the dom/domme to spice things up.


  • It’s not possible to book a wrestling session.
  • I do not engage in intimate sexual contact
  • Sorry ashtrays, no smoking sessions
  • Online slavery

Session testimonials :

Feel free to share your experience with others on the bottom of this page.

  • worshipper
    Posted at 14:05h, 02 February Reply

    For those who want to serve to a Mrs. Manouk in a unique, stylish and dirty experience, Mrs. Manouk is the right woman.
    Finally, after months, trying set a date to see Mrs Manouk, the most awaited date and hour in October came. It was a long trip from home, nothing made me happier than this opportunity to finally know the most beautiful woman in the Netherlands.
    It was a rainy afternoon, I got a bit wet, but even a storm couldn’t stop me in my way to her dungeon. I finally arrived, at the moment the door was opened, I got instantly stunned by her beauty, her eyes, her voice, her look, I just said in my mind “She is incredible in photos, but in person just WOW”.
    The session starts after my shower, I was kneel awaiting for her, I knocked the door and she opened with a beautiful outfit, I saw her amazing and beautiful body just a centimetres away from me, I realised that I was in her total control, I have never felt that emotion before.
    She put me a collar around my neck, then pulled me close to her and intructed me how I must obey all her orders from now on, feeling her perfume, breath close to my face, I was melted by her in that moment. The main course of the session started, when my legs and arms where tied to a metal chair, I could see her how Mrs Manouk start to tease me with her amazing and delicious ass. Worshiping Mistress Manouk ass following her commands, it was magical, the feeling of the ass pressing my face hard, breathing the smell and tasting it was outstanding, literally a paradise.
    After some bondage, tease and denial, facesitting and assworshiping , I sat under the toilet chair, I had the most amazing view, better that I could have imagined, the whole beautiful ass in front of me awaiting to release it; I couldn’t believe it, that scene my eyes was seeing, how everything came out from Mrs. Manouk’s perfect body, it was perfect; then she pressed her ass to my face after released all so hard once again, until I could taste and smell her most delicate flavours.
    My body was shaking of happiness, my first toilet fantasy session became a reality with Mrs Manouk, she took me in a wonderful mix of hard and sweet ways to discover new perversions and new forms to push my limits beyond that I never imagined,
    Right after this first ever submissive and toilet experience with Mrs Manouk, I have realised no matter how many flights I took, no matter how kilometres I flew, everything worth it, this experience was beyond my expectative, and won’t be the last.

  • Property of the Mistress
    Posted at 20:04h, 19 January Reply

    My last time with Mistress Manouk was again very special. We know each other for quite some time now, and still she surprises me with extraordinary sessions. No visit is the same.

    This time I started badly, I arrived late – by 7 minutes. Well, you better don’t do that – as punishment was the result. I have never been whipped by the Mistress before, however this time due to my miss-behave, she took out the whip. Pents down and shoes off was the instruction. Especially the 3 on each foot-sole were harsh. However I deserved them, 100%.
    Then I had to put my clothes and shoes on again. That surprised me, and for a while I thought she was going to end the session and throw me out. Luckily that wasn’t the case, she had somthing totally different in mind. My Mistress was going to take me out to a bar for a drink. How happy she made me with that.
    She knows me very well, and remembers all you tell her. One of my wishes is to serve my Mistress also outside of the safe envirionment of the studio. So this time she gave me the pleasure of going out to a bar to have a drink. She had made me wear a collar just before we left, so when inside the bar, the waitress didn’t really know how to look at me, believe she realized how our releation was. I could only feel pride, being with my Mistress makes me feel so good. Having the opportunity to be on her side in public – she could not make me any happier.

    When chatting she started to play with her phone, I was a little dissapointed, however what can you do as property of the mistress – just accept it. That she is spending time with me is already the biggest comliment I can expect. However… then I felt something very unexpected. Forgot to tell above, before we left the studio, besides the collar, she also made me wear a buttplug. This happend to be a remote controlled device… So she started to take control over my ass, from soft pleasure to more firm vibrations…
    When returned to the studio, she gave me a great time. Her looks are so great, and when she then looks me in my eyes while destroying my nipples – I love it.
    For me she is the one and only. Mistress Manouk reads me, and I will follow her wherever she goes, and will be available for whatever she has in mind with me – her property.

  • Mister bee
    Posted at 16:43h, 17 April Reply

    “She’s mean to me, humiliates me in ways I couldn’t imagine and totally destroys me. Always leaving me begging for her to stop, although I think we both know that deep on the inside I wish for her to continue eternally. She breaks me time after time, only to build me back up afterwards and turn me into a better version of what I was before. I am truly delighted every time I see her, hear her, or even just receive an e-mail from her. Mistress Manouk has got me hooked in a way I would have never imagined being possible. Yet I would move heaven and earth for it to continue forever.
    Her wicked desires.
    Her amazing perfume.
    Her wonderful body.
    I am happy to please her in any way she sees fit.
    I remember that already during our first session she was seeking my limits and trying to expand them. In a very sensual way she allowed me to get real close to her, enabling me to smell her and to touch her. She noticed that that really aroused me and even let me touch myself. Little did I know about how she was going to use me. I was totally mesmerized by what was happening and I didn’t even care about what just happened. Ever since that moment we have had many similar encounters, although she always keeps surprising me.”

  • Stephan
    Posted at 11:03h, 17 March Reply

    In the last 15 years I experienced some highs in bdsm. But with you its different.
    You showed me places of my mind and emotional states I did not believe to exist.

    Maybe I said it before, but for the first time it felt like it and in bdsm-context it is the biggest praise I can imagine:
    For the future…Let’s reduce the limits to: “Don’t kill me, (please)”.
    You decide… Have fun…

    Then you started to wrap me. I had some experiences with wrappings. All of them have been kind of boring…
    But then I met you ?
    There was still the pressure of the ropes. You wrapped the foil with a lot of pressure, too.
    So it felt more interesting than former experiences.
    Nevertheless, I was still in the mood for cheeky comments or fooling around.
    When I realized this time you are going to wrap the head too my mood changed immediately.
    From one second to the next I got very weak.
    It felt like… ok she will do it… this is going to be interesting… lucky me ?

    I appreciate little gestures very much. Little contacts, touches, leaning the head against someone.
    Feeling your skin, smelling your perfume. With these things you drive me crazy every time.
    You did this during the whole session. Thinking about it makes me tremble again.
    There was one moment you stood behind me, hold my chin and turned my head to the ceiling.
    …rrrr… I enjoy those things very much.

    Funny that you know my ideas without telling you.

    And of course there were lots of other memorable moments but I have to stop it now.

    Thank you for everything.

  • Remon
    Posted at 13:45h, 17 February Reply

    If you are seeking the ultimate beauty and the smart dominance, then you’ve found what you are looking for!
    I can’t describe my feeling when I first met Mrs. Manouk, she was much more beautiful than I’ve imagined. What a nice smile drawn by a deep red colour, and wide pretty eyes like a pair of pearls. Her long slim legs and perfect body look as if they where sculpted by an artist. At the beginning, we had a small chat and I quickly felt comfortable with her. After that she guided me to the shower, and asked me to kneel on my knees and knock on the door when I’m ready. That was the point when I realised the professional face of Mrs. Manouk. From now on there is no place for tolerance, any simple mistake could bring you a lot of pain. She tied my balls with a thin rope and attached it to a chain. I was crawling like a dog after her while she walked towards the room. She ordered me to kiss her feet and sniff the magnificent scent of her leather shoes and Nylon feet. After that, She restrained my hands and feet while I was lying on my back. I couldn’t see much of what is happening to my poor cock, but I could only feel the pain and enjoy it. She smashed my body and face with here delicate feet. Then she took off her nylons, put them in my mouth and ordered me to massage her feet. I enjoyed sucking each and every toe and licking her soles because they were so clean and tasty. And then, the most interesting part was going to start. She began by spitting on my face and in my mouth, and started to move closer toward my face until she decided to open the stream and let me drink all her golden nectar. I can’t find the proper words to describe that. But the taste was unbelievable and I could swallow it seamlessly.
    I’m really looking forward for another experience with Mrs. Manouk. Another session where we can push the limits and discover new definitions of “Pain and Pleasure”. I’m simply addicted to you!

  • Perfectionist
    Posted at 12:20h, 01 February Reply

    “If there’s one word to associate with Mistress Manouk it is the following: AESTHETICS. I’m a perfectionist with great expectations and Mistress Manouk exceeded my expectations for which I will be grateful forever. An absolutely stunning Mistress she is, with great empathy and a true passion for femdom. I sensed that it was going to be perfect from the moment she laid her beautiful eyes on me. She towered over me in her shiny black latex and dominated me with rigour and effortless skill. She degraded me verbally without vulgarity, spat on me, chastised and strap-on fucked me with such elegance and skill that I had no choice but to drown in thankfulness. Every stroke with the leather paddle, every hit with the riding crop was received with appreciation. She could have done anything she wanted, I was just in heaven by the sheer fact that this majestic mistress tolerated me in her presence. An absolutely unforgettable experience. Mistress Manouk is the empress of aesthetics and it would surprise me if she will not rise to become one of the most admired femme fatales in the international Femdom / BDSM sphere.”

  • Hao
    Posted at 15:00h, 02 November Reply

    This is one experience I will never forget in my life. Mrs. Manouk looks not only beautiful from the photos, but even more fabulous in the real world. Before the session, we had a very nice chat to set up the preferences and limits. And also as the first time to meet each other, this makes me feel less nervous and getting into the session more smoothly.
    Before the session, I could take a shower. Just after the shower, when I start knocking on the door, the whole atmosphere has turned to be totally different. Mrs. Manouk talked to me like a goddess and I was on my knee in front of her. She put my head hardly on top of her boots and demanded me to smell and lick it. I felt so humiliated then by accepting the saliva from my goddess. Afterwards, she took off her boot and push my nose inside her smelly sweaty sock (which she prepared in ahead specially for me) deeply and I was enjoying the scent from her sweat sock. Unexpectedly, she put the sock into my mouse such that I could not complain but only groaning. I started sniffing the extreme scent in between her toes and that made me forgot where I was. She tied me on the dog chair and milk me out by let me smell her beautiful feet. After I got to heaven, I came to the bed and was tied onto the bed. She started sitting on my face and giving me forced golden shower, the golden liquid from my goddess is so tasty that I could not describe, but it came directly into my throat that I could not control to be nauseous. But finally, I still drank them almost all and got milked out again. This was not the end, my goddess was so energetic and keep milking me out by letting me smell her sweat panty and the smell of underarms. She tried to control my breath and I felt so helpless in her hands. She pushed me to the milking limit of 4 times and made me as a loyal smell slave under her control. I felt like I am willing to die under her gorgeous bottom. One hour past so quickly that I did not even feel about it. She took me into her wonderland and made me a better slave under her training. She is the best goddess ever in my life and I will definitely find one opportunity to serve my goddess again in the future!

  • Slave Alex
    Posted at 18:47h, 05 August Reply

    Mistress Manouk is the most beautiful mistress I have ever had the opportunity of serving. While tormenting you, she has these powerful, piercing eyes that penetrate right through you. She makes a point of looking into your eyes as she humiliates you, its intoxicating.

    I was very nervous prior to my session with Mrs Manouk. From the moment she opened the door I was mesmerised by her beauty. She wore tight black leather trousers, stiletto heels and a black lacy top. After offering me a drink, we talked for a few moments to go over what I wanted. She was able to put me at ease and get me excited at the same time. Her deviant mind suggested things she might do to me and I couldn’t wait to get started.

    After I took a shower I was made to kneel at the door and knock, to let her know I was ready, My heart was racing as I heard he stiletto heels in the other room, the clink of chains, I didn’t know what to expect. When she finally came in she had changed into stockings and suspenders with black lacy panties. her personality had also switched from being polite and friendly to very strict. She began my humiliating me, spitting in my mouth and made me wear women’s lingerie while she laughed at me cruelly. She then made me wear a chastity belt and told me I would wear it all session, despite me begging her not to.

    The rest of the session was incredible, without a doubt the most exciting session I have had with a professional mistress. I never knew what was coming next and she has so much energy. I had asked her to humiliate and degrade me. Her deviant, sadistic mind came up with things I had never even imagined. At one point she urinated in a bowl through her panties, forced me to drink it all, then worship her ass through her wet panties. She tied me down and played with my ass, making we look at each butt plug she intended to put inside me. When she finally allowed me to worship her ass I was in heaven. She clearly takes a lot of pride in her body and her ass is perfect. After teasing me and refusing to let me come, my legs were trembling with frustration. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. She laughed maliciously as she wiped it on my face.

    Mistress Manouk is the best dominatrix in the Netherlands. She is young, beautiful and very sadistic. Since that session I have not been able to stop thinking about all the things she did to me, I will be booking another session very soon, she is addictive!

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